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Your Home in Style: Furniture Trends for 2022


Ever since we entered the second half of 2021, we have been eager to sneak a peek into the future interior design trends. Now, with the New Year only two months away, the designers finally made their predictions on what furniture trends will be popular in 2022. 

As we will see in this article, many blazing trends from this year will remain popular in the following. Furthermore, a few old styles will make a huge comeback, and we’ll welcome new colors and designs into our homes. 

Let’s take a look!

Two major concerns have influenced the furniture design trends for the upcoming year. The first one is, of course, the global pandemic. Ever since the beginning of 2020, we’ve experienced a significant change in our everyday lifestyle. Hence, the “new normal” now has us working, exercising, and spending much more time at home, which means our homes need to adjust as well. 

So, in 2021, we’ve focused on getting rid of unnecessary and impractical pieces of furniture. Also, we started enjoying lighter and more neutral colors that have a soothing effect. In general, we want our homes to have a warm and inviting vibe.

The second dominant influence was the growing concern regarding environmental issues. For this reason, designers preferred natural, sustainable materials, such as wood, glass, marble, and leather. 

All these trends will find their way into the next year as well. However, the 2022 furniture styles will also express our longing for new beginnings and hope with bold colors and dashing patterns. So, here’s what to expect.

Retro Is Making a Comeback

Your Home in Style: Furniture Trends for 2022

In the following year, we will see a lot of elements from the 70s and 80s in our furniture. Specifically, the 70s style will be evident in roundness, flowing lines, and bright pink, blue, and green tones. On the other hand, we can expect the 80s to show themselves through gold, chrome, and shiny finishes. However, this modern version of the Retro style will incorporate Scandinavian and Art Deco furniture trends and minimalism. 

Eco-Friendly Furniture

Your Home in Style: Furniture Trends for 2022

As we become more aware of environmental issues, it becomes essential to know where our furniture comes from and what kind of material it consists of. Therefore, we want a furnishing built to last a long time and made of natural, non-toxic materials. It can either be new but from sustainable sources, like managed forests, or thrifted and upcycled. 

All in all, the future furniture trends will revolve around light wood, marble, brown and dark leather, glass, and steel. Also, the accent will be placed on upholstery made of natural materials, such as linen, cotton canvas, fleece, and velvet. 

Inspired by Nature

Your Home in Style: Furniture Trends for 2022

After spending much time indoors due to lockdowns, there’s a strong desire to invite nature inside. So, in the past year, various shades of green were a popular choice for walls, furniture, and decor in general. Moreover, we increased the number of pot plants and embraced all things natural and organic. Such a trend will follow us into the next year as well. 

For those with a more eclectic style, 2022 will bring upholstery with floral and ethnic patterns.

Minimalism Still Dominates

As mentioned above, spending more time at home made us rethink whether we really need all that furniture. Besides, since now we have to make room for a home office and a home gym, everything that isn’t practical or multifunctional needs to go. 

In the following year, such a simplistic look will still prevail, with furniture sticking to one or two primary materials and very few ornaments. That highly-coveted scandi style will still be big for 2022.

Rounded Edges

Your Home in Style: Furniture Trends for 2022

Another trend that we will bring with us into the new year is curvy furniture design. While softer edges and feminine lines have been in vogue since the beginning of the pandemic, they are actually a part of the modern-era style that finds its way into our rooms time and time again. Still, softened forms create a romantic and welcoming feel, which is why we love it so much. 

Smart Furniture

As previously discussed, our spaces and furnishings quickly needed to become multi-practical during the past two years, and such a trend will only continue to grow in the following year. For this reason, interior design magazines will feature highly functional furniture pieces and those with integrated technology, like remote-controlled shelves or accent tables with speakers. 

Neutral Palette Remains

Your Home in Style: Furniture Trends for 2022

Light and warm hues that ruled home decor last year will continue to be a fashionable choice in the next one. Cream, brown, and shades of beige such as Brave Ground — the Dulux’s Color of the Year for 2021 — look elegant and simple, which agrees with all the minimalistic hype we have going on. Japandi style white and soft-colored furniture will also find its place in 2022. 

Furniture in Dark Colors

Orange, navy blue, dark green, brown, and purple pieces of furniture will make their debut in 2022. In fact, Pantone claims bright blue and orange will prevail among other choices. 

Furthermore, we expect to see a lot more black, especially in our kitchens. 

Your Home in Style: Furniture Trends for 2022

As we can notice, furniture trends for 2022 are a mixture of old and well-known styles, colors, and shapes, and modern, multifunctional designs with a splash of new, vibrant colors. Such tendencies speak of nostalgia, comfort, and desire for a fresh start. So, as 2022 approaches, we can express our hope and optimism for the future by creating the home of our dreams with these fashionable furniture trends. 

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