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William Tyrell – cops dig up three crucial pieces of new evidence as search for ‘Australia’s Madeleine McCann’ goes on


COPS searching for missing three-year-old William Tyrrell have dug up three pieces of new evidence as the search for “Australia’s Madeleine McCann” continues.

Police have now dug up a black piece of fabric near the same area, where two pieces of red string were found a few days earlier, and near where a mystery green nylon bag was found on Saturday.

Police have dug up three new pieces of evidence
Officers have been scouring the area around the property in Kendall
Cops have said they are searching for the boy’s remains

The new evidence has been photographed, bagged and sent for testing.

Officers searching for the boy have been scouring a property in Kendall, New South Wales, from where the boy disappeared in broad daylight in 2014.

Despite the bad weather conditions, police have been searching the area for new clues after revealing they had a new suspect in the long-running mystery.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said the search for the boy’s remains could take “weeks and weeks” but he vowed it will continue “until investigators believe the job is done,” ABC reported.

He added that 30 specialist officers remained on scene while they found objects which would be “foreign to normal bushlands.”

He said: “We have taken 15 tonnes of soil and other pieces of evidence or potential evidence back for forensic investigation.

“[It’s] particularly challenging weather conditions at the moment but that will continue until investigators believe that the job is done.

“If you think about 15 tonnes of soil being moved into a clandestine lab, there could be weeks and weeks of searching through that before we have any answers.”

Strong winds and heavy rain on Saturday disrupted the search but it has since been resumed.

According to 9news, a car that belonged to William’s now-deceased foster grandmother was also sent for testing.

William was just three years old when he vanished while playing with his sister on September 12, 2014.

He was in the care of foster parents who took him on a visit to the coastal town of Kendall, New South Wales, on the day he disappeared.

His parents went inside to make a cup of tea while William and his sister played hide and seek outside.

When they returned five minutes later the toddler had vanished.

William’s biological grandmother – who has not been named – told local news the investigation has been “shambolic”.

She said: “The foster care people, they knew everything and we knew nothing.

“We were just having a little picnic – out jumps the foster care mother… and starts giving the kids lollipops and Kinder Surprises.

“So she was just like watching what’s going on.

“My son used to always say he was too scared to love his kids… he was too scared to love them for an hour of supervised visits.

“He’s not alive. I knew he wasn’t alive for the last seven years. So, I’m just scared.”

Police said William’s foster parents are persons of interest and are offering a £538,000 reward for new information.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said the search could last weeks
William vanished from his foster grandparents’ garden back in 2014
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