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Top 10 Celebrities Most Famous for Their Hairstyles


For celebrities, a great haircut can catapult them to iconic status. The 10 celebrities on our list remain famous to this day for their signature hairstyles. Because of the INSANE number of internet image copyright trolls out there now, I won’t bother showing you any pictures. You can just go search Pinterest for the pics!

Shirley Temple

Although Shirley Temple first hit movie screens almost a hundred years ago, her signature curls and cute-as-a-button dimples remained the benchmark for all child actors that followed. It was Shirley’s mother that styled her iconic hairstyle and meticulously ensured that precisely 56 curls were atop Shirley’s head for each and every scene.

Keri Russell

Although Keri Russell might not be as well-known as the other celebrities on our list, her hair was arguably a massive part of her public persona. The ratings for her television show Felicity dive bombed after cutting her signature long ringlets when fans felt like they didn’t recognize her anymore.

Marilyn Monroe

You know that a hairstyle is iconic when you can replicate it for a costume party, and everyone immediately knows which starlet you are aiming to portray. The short, light blonde curls epitomize Marilyn Monroe, though she’s a natural brunette.

Dolly Parton

Dolly has a heart of gold and tresses that appear to be spun from the same magical fiber, but did you know that her signature bleached-blonde bouffant is actually a wig? Dolly Parton has been wearing wigs since the early 70s to achieve her sky-high styles continuously.

Farrah Fawcett

It is reasonably safe to assume everyone’s mother or grandmother had a hairstyle inspired by Farrah Fawcett in the 1970s. The long, feathered locks and bellbottoms now epitomize the decade.

Bob Marley

If you were asked the first celebrity that comes to mind when you say the word dreadlocks, we are confident that Bob Marley would be high on the list. This is because Bob Marley was a Rastafarian where followers have rules about keeping the body (and their hair) whole and intact.

Anna Wintour

Ironically, the woman at the forefront of telling the world new fashion styles every season has had the same iconic blunt bob for decades. Anna Wintour may never wear an outfit twice, but she certainly is not willing to push boundaries with her hair.

Grace Jones

The origins of androgynous fashion and hair can easily be traced back to Grace Jones in the 1980s. Her career skyrocketed with blockbuster movies that showed off her geometric, boxy hairstyles and kept fans on edge, wondering what style she would appear next.

Justin Bieber

The newest entry on our list of famous hair and hairstyles comes from none other than a young Justin Bieber. This Canadian first smashed onto the scene in 2010 with a cut requiring a flick of his hair so typical that Saturday Night Live parodied it.

Jennifer Aniston

We doubt anyone from Generation X can forget ‘The Rachel’. Time flies in Hollywood as it was almost thirty years ago that Jennifer Aniston arrived onto our television sets in 1995 with a haircut that started a craze lasting well throughout the 90s. Ironically, she was never a fan of the cut in the first place.

The celebrities on our list knew how to achieve personal hair goals to such an extent that their looks are often more iconic than their career. Don’t ever let someone tell you that a new hairstyle won’t help you take the world by storm.

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