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These Are the Funniest Memes About Jake Gyllenhaal Since Taylor Swift Dropped All Too Well


I’m not afraid to admit that I spent all weekend hiding in my room, crying fat tears to Taylor Swift’s rerecording of Red (Taylor’s Version), and let’s face it, I’m pretty sure 90 per cent of people were in the same boat. But it was her smash hit song All Too Well that she rereleased as a 10-minute version that has sent the world into a frenzy.

Who is the song about? (Jake Gyllenhaal allegedly), Why did he miss her 21st birthday? And why does the short film accompanying the song hit SO close to home!? It’s safe to say I was a crumpled up piece of paper lying on the floor waiting for the answers to my many questions.

But it’s not just the song and the beautifully shot video, but also Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink who captured the essence of a toxic relationship so well, all too well *wink*. While Taylor herself hasn’t confirmed that the song is about Gyllenhaal, her CIA fans have pretty much uncovered every mystery there ever was, and this time, it’s no different.

At the moment they’re currently investigating who the actress was that walked into Taylor weeping in the bathroom after the movie star allegedly broke her heart, and I’m sure we’ll have the answer soon. But despite the tears and the heartbreak people are reliving from 10 years ago, there is a funny side to the entire situation: The memes.

Unfortunately for Gyllenhaal, the internet hasn’t been very kind and in true Gen Z fashion, he has become the subject of a lot of memes. Pretty sure he didn’t think he would be dealing with a breakup 10 years after it happened, but surprise!

Here are some of our favourites:

Safe to say, it’s going to be a rough few weeks for Jake Gyllenhaal.

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