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The Fashion Journal annual gift guide is here


Like having ‘amazing posture’ or being an ‘excellent conversationalist’, getting told you’re a ‘great gift-giver’ is one of those compliments that just hits right.

It’s no easy feat, come gifting season, to nail the perfect present every time. There’s always a rogue family member or obligatory friend-of-a-friend you just can’t find anything for (box of Favourites, anyone?) despite your best internet-trawling efforts.

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Let’s not forget the accidental last-minute present panic, either. As a scatterbrained Libra moon myself, I’m all too familiar with the chaos of a late-December shopping centre and I simply refuse to put myself (or my family and friends) through that again this year. One year, when I was especially late, I just gifted everyone the same item. My dad got the usual socks ’n jocks and the other 20-odd people in my life got a vanilla-scented candle. It was a dark holiday season.

But never fear, Fashion Journal reader! This year, our editorial team has done the hard work in putting together the 2021 edition of the FJ Annual Gift Guide, featuring pieces from our favourite local Australian designers and retailers.

We’ve split up the curated fashion, beauty and lifestyle products by price point, which should help if your wallet is reeling from a post-lockdown spending spree (or if you’re on multiple-present duty this year). Click below to open the gift guide in full screen and happy gifting!

For a list of gift-worthy holidays that aren’t Christmas, head here.

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