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Mould was so bad in my home it started growing in my EAR… living here has taken my life from me


A WOMAN has been left battling crippling illnesses because of a mould infestation — that was so bad the fungus was growing in her ear. 

Caroline Bowman was planning a fresh start when she moved into her new rental home in Sydney, Australia, but within a few weeks she began feeling unwell.

Caroline Brown/9news

Caroline Bowman said mould left her with crippling health problems[/caption]

Caroline Brown/9news

The mould started breaking out within weeks of her moving in[/caption]

When the fit and healthy 33-year-old viewed the three-bedroom property it had just been painted and had a fresh carpet. 

But soon after moving in she fell mysteriously ill and has been battling multiple chronic illnesses ever since.

Eventually, she was diagnosed with painful breathing problems thought to be brought on by exposure to mould, which was increasingly plaguing her home.

Ms Bowman told 9news.com.au: “Soon, the whole ceiling was covered in mould, it was horrible.

“At one point I was cleaning the wall and I noticed it was a bit wobbly when I wiped it. I poked it and it made a hole. 

“It was growing inside the walls. They were black.”

Ms Bowman said on day she went to the doctor with a throbbing earache.

She said: “The doctor took a swab and there was aspergillus mould inside my ear.”

As well as ongoing breathing problems, she said her brain felt foggy and she was been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

This is a condition associated with constant tiredness and memory loss.

She said: “It’s taken my life from me.”

Ms Bowman said she struggled to get her landlord to take her mould problem seriously.

It’s taken my life from me

Caroline Bowmanmould victim

After spending two years in the house, Ms Bowman said she was forced to move out to live with her mother.

The experiences of Australians with mould-related illnesses were the subject of a parliamentary inquiry in 2018.

During this time the devastating impact mould-related illnesses was laid bare.

Committee chair, Liberal MP Trent Zimmerman, said: “Often the symptoms have ruined lives, making employment and normal social interactions near impossible.

“We owe it to those Australians to do more to ensure their very real health needs are better understood and treated.”

Caroline Brown/9news

The bathroom ceiling was covered in mould[/caption]

Caroline Brown/9news

The fungus problem was so bad it was even found in her ear[/caption]

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