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KubeCoin, the Cryptocurrency for Travel and Leisure – CoinCheckup Blog


After massive success with its presale consisting of three rounds, KubeCoin, the cryptocurrency that aims to revolutionize the travel and leisure industries, will officially launch on the 10th of June, 2022 through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). 

KubeCoin is part of the Kube Ecosytem, which is also home to FlyKube, a startup founded in 2017 offering surprise trips. 

Built on the Cardano blockchain, KubeCoin is one of the most anticipated releases within the Cardano community and has garnered over 65K followers on Twitter ahead of its June launch.

The Barcelona-based project, conceived in 2021, will make the adoption of cryptocurrencies easier for everyone in the real world with the integration of KubePay, enabling seamless payments for the travel and leisure industries. 

One of the most exciting aspects of KubeCoin is its integration into the entire Kube Ecosystem and several other established businesses. The Kube Ecosystem includes: 

FlyKube: A start-up that curates surprise trips for its customers, with a gross yearly profit of 5,000,000€ After braving the Covid pandemic, the company continues to thrive in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with expansions in the works for the USA and UK. 

EatKube: Utilizes the concept of surprise to transform and elevate the gastronomic experience. An expert team chooses from a curated selection of restaurants around Barcelona based on the customer’s needs and requirements. 

KubePay: A wallet available for iOS and Android where users will be able to buy and sell KubeCoin and other Cardano-based coins. Travel and leisure products from the Kube Ecosystem platforms and global premium partners will be available for purchase as well. Users can also access the NFT Marketplace. 

KubeIn: Investment fund focused on crypto and startup projects. 

NFT Project: A unique collection of NFTs where holders will get first access to exclusive events, special sales, airdrops, and many unique benefits. 

NFT Marketplace: An online marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens. 

WowKube: A secret project to be announced soon. 

Thanks to the Kube Ecosystem, the KubeCoin project will have an extensive, real-world use case, enabling gradual and long-term scalability. This will enable a mass adoption of the coin, making it easily accessible for everyone. 

The ICO will be on the 10th of June at 9 AM UTC. To participate, users can sign up on and complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification procedure. Users can take part on the day of the official launch upon successful completion of the approval process.

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