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Devexperts webinar: Attracting retail traders with fractional trading


Following the successful webinar on introducing crypto to retail investors, Devexperts is returning to host a new one about fractional trading. 

The provider of financial software for brokerages wants to help brokers stay ahead in such a competitive industry. The webinar will explain why fractional trading begins to be a critical tool. 


While awareness of financial markets has exploded among the masses, the reality is that most potential investors don’t have that much capital to risk. 

Fractional trading addresses this issue and it also makes it much easier for investors to place their orders. This feature has grown in popularity to a point that it has become a deal-breaker for many retail users when choosing a broker. 

This fact makes the webinar all the more vital for brokers, whether they are startups launching a new brokerage or are established firms looking to start offering US stocks to their traders, located either in the USA or in any other part of the world, including LATAM, Europe, and APAC. 

Why brokers need to launch stock trading

It is no secret that brokers have been lining up to add a US stock offering as they address the obvious trend observed among Gen Z and Millennial investors, who tend to invest in something meaningful and are organized. Remember Gamestop (GME) and the meme stock phenomena?

Besides social trading and values-based investing, the new investor can be more impulsive and place trades only based on news headlines. All of which are more relevant to stock trading. 

Multi-asset trading, including stocks, is a trend that FX and CFD brokers cannot escape from if they want to be around over the long term. And because new investors want an easy-to-use platform without much capital requirements, fractional trading has become an inevitable feature in a multi-asset package. 

This webinar is also intended for those who are not from the Forex/CFD industry and are thinking of launching a traditional stock brokerage. 

During the webinar, Devexperts will show how quickly a stock brokerage can be set up and unfolded with a SaaS trading technology.

Learn how fractional trading works

The Devexperts webinar will introduce brokers to the DXtrade platform to demonstrate: 

– how fractional trading works from the broker’s or the platform owner’s perspective with their executing partners; 

– what integrations and partners should be added/provided;

– what is the tech or software minimum needed to start such a business; 

– what should be accounted for a future growth (e.g. what should be taken care of in advance for scalability opportunities); 

– and what settings can be tweaked to satisfy the needs of traders and risk departments. 

Participants will be able to ask questions and receive answers throughout the event.  

The webinar, taking place on May 26th, 2022, will be hosted by Michael Sprachman, Devexperts’ VP of Brokerage Trading Platform.

Register here to attend and to receive the recording thereafter.

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