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Converse has redesigned the classics for a zero-waste, zero-carbon future


In a world that feels like it’s slowly falling apart, young people are feeling the panic of climate anxiety in a whole new way. It’s an overwhelming sensation that can make us feel like our diligent recycling schedule, water-saving showers and sustainable shopping habits are a waste of time.

But Converse is here to show you just how important they really are and that being a conscious consumer means your choices matter – fashion decisions included. And who said environmental activism can’t look good?

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Converse’s innovative Renew line has two new thoughtful additions: the Chuck Taylor All Star Crater Knit and the Renew Chuck 70 Remix. Reductively designed towards a zero-waste, zero-carbon future, each shoe is crafted from recycled materials in fresh elemental colours like slate grey and charcoal.

In line with the knit mania we all loved in 2021, the iconic Converse styles have gotten a cozy makeover. I’m a year-round knit lover (winter is my favourite season. Sue me!) and the idea of wearing soft, stretchy, fuzzy yarn on my feet simply warms me.

For the people lucky enough to be holidaying somewhere cooler this season (or just if you live in Melbourne), the patchwork of cushy terry, thick waffle and fine knitted ripstop will have you in a hot-chocolate-by-the-fire mood in no time.

And for those who are more the outdoorsy type (I’ve never understood those people), the already über-comfortable sneakers – if you’ve ever owned a pair of Converse, you know what I’m talking about – are now even more amazing on your feet.

The Chuck Taylor All Star Crater Knit features a speckled lightweight crater foam sole and the Chuck 70 Remix boasts a plush OrthoLite sock liner, both made from recycled materials. Reimagined with reinterpretations of heritage details (high contrast stitching, diamond rubber soles and that beloved high top cut), the Renew collection is all about future-conscious classics.

Since the virtual Renew Labs store opening on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Converse has been transforming trash into different forms of our favourite shoes. In an effort to move closer to a waste-less future, the brand has created the engineered terry stretch-knit styles with at least 35 per cent recycled content by total weight.

While eco-responsible everyday decisions might not have an immediate impact, every positive choice is a step closer to that zero-waste, zero-carbon future we’d all love to be living in. Plus, getting a pair of feel-good new Converse doesn’t feel like much of a sacrifice to me (five-minute showers, on the other hand? That one’s tough). Take a step in the right direction this season, sweeties!

Learn more about Converse’s Renew collection here.

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