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Bounty Temple Is All Set To Revolutionize Blockchain Gaming


Bounty Temple Is All Set To Revolutionize Blockchain Gaming




Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia / JULY 20, 2022 / The Play-to-Earn-Evolution (P2EE) is a revolutionary approach invented by Bounty Temple to address the many problems plaguing the current P2E (Play-to-Earn) gaming ecosystem in the NFT world. The world will be able to experience truly rewarding and sustainable blockchain gaming with Bounty Temple’s new and exclusive P2EE paradigm.

In Bounty Temple, players can choose to play with or against other players using a specifically developed NFT known as Bounty Temple Monument (BTM). With its easy-to-play mechanics, BT is suitable for players of all levels.

There has been a significant transformation in the gaming industry in past years, and Play-to-Earn (P2E) blockchain games are at the forefront of this movement. However, the current P2E ecosystem left much to be desired by players or investors. Bringing more users is easy with rewards like staking, airdrops, and the P2E model. Still, the coin price will inevitably tumble owing to excess supply if the income strategy isn’t more robust. Therefore, the team behind Bounty Temple set out to design a game with true appeal and value.

Bounty Temple aims to solve the seven major problems that the current P2E models are facing right now:

  • Price fluctuations in the token market
  • Complex gameplay and strategy
  • Lack of token-burning mechanism
  • Overabundance of NFTs
  • Nerfing of NFTs for “Balancing”
  • Different rewards for early birds and latecomers
  • Privatized scholar system

Because Bounty Temple uses the P2EE model, it is possible to find solutions to these problems quickly and easily. As mentioned previously, the development team of Bounty Temple is responsible for the creation of the P2EE model, which is the world’s first solution to P2E and is exclusively owned by the firm. The new and improved P2EE model incorporates skillfully designed tokenomics, which will help tackle the obstacles that are currently associated with blockchain gaming and create a gaming experience that is both everlasting and sustainable.

The characteristics that make Bounty Temple stand apart from other NFT blockchain games are as follows: 

  • Stable Utility Tokens
  • Utility Token Algorithm powered by AI
  • Unique Staking Rewards
  • Easy and Fun Gameplay
  • Balanced Gameplay Mechanics
  • Automated Rent and Payout System
  • Robust Token-Burning Mechanism
  • Unique Crafting System
  • BTM Barrier Earning Protection
  • Multiple Weekly Tournaments
  • Rewarding Referral System

Bounty Temple (BT) eradicates all issues faced by the current P2E ecosystem by using a proprietary algorithm called Weather Effect to govern the in-game GIA utility token minting rate to maintain the token’s stability. Furthermore, they use a centralized scholar system, Bounty Temple Monument (BTM) owners won’t have to supervise players and can quickly rent and payout rewards. BT is created for all skill levels thus, the gaming concepts are open to casual players, and the visuals are minimal, making it playable on many platforms: from PCs, and tablets to mobiles. Moreover, in phases, token burning initiatives such as crafting, upgrading, mini-games, events, lottery, academy, e-shop, and charity activities will be launched.

BT will implement BTM burning to reduce the game’s BTM oversupply. Bounty Temple’s gameplay does not need any nerfing. BTM owners are confident that their NFT’s worth won’t depreciate over time.

About Bounty Temple 

Bounty Temple (BT), created by Alton Lim and Jia Hui Tan, is a blockchain game built on the Polygon (Matic) network, which revolutionized the P2E blockchain game. Bounty Temple Monument is a custom-made NFT game that may be played cooperatively or competitively. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gamer; BT is fun for all.

Once you start playing the Bounty Temple Monument (BTM), you will enjoy the game and be showered with good fortune and handsome rewards over a long period.

Media Contact:

Company: Orasis Studio Sdn Bhd

Person in Charge: Alton Lim

Email: alton@bountytemple.com


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