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Baby and girl, 6, among five members of same family ‘killed by Putin’s thugs’ as uncle hears massacre over the phone


A NEWBORN baby and a six-year-old girl were horrifically “killed by Putin’s thugs” alongside three members of their family as their uncle heard the massacre over the phone.

Little Sofia Fedko and her six-week-old baby brother Ivan were slaughtered by Russian soldiers who targeted their family’s car.


Sofia Fedko, 6, and baby Ivan were slaughtered by Russian thugs last Thursday[/caption]


Their mother Irina, 27, was also killed while their policeman father Oleg, 30, was on duty[/caption]


Grandparents Anna and Oleg Sr were shot dead as they tried to flee with their family[/caption]

The youngsters were mercilessly shot dead with their mother Irina, 27, and two grandparents, both aged 56, on the day Ukraine was invaded.

Local reports say the brood were travelling along a road near Novaya Kakhovka in southern Ukraine when troops surrounded their vehicle.

Putin’s men reportedly opened fire on their car while the children’s terrified uncle listened powerlessly on the phone.

Denis Fedko said he had been on a call with his mother Anna when he heard her plead for their lives as the children cried – before a deathly silence.

He explained: “I was talking to my mother. I kept hearing my mother yelling that there were children [in the car] and “How can you [do that]?”.

“I heard little Vanya [Ivan] was crying loudly. He was only a month and a half old. And then I heard shots.

“Then there was silence after that, and then shots again. There were two bursts, each two to three shots long,” he recalled.

“I realised they were finishing them off.” 

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The children’s father, Ukrainian policeman Oleg Fedko, 30, was out on patrol when his loved ones were wiped out in the Kherson region, north of Crimea, last Thursday.

According to reports, his father Oleg Sr had picked up his relatives to flee to safety because his son was on duty.

It was reported the policeman “is unable to retrieve the bodies of his relatives killed by the Russian troops”. 

The chilling tale is yet another stern reminder of the cost of the conflict raining down on the innocent children of Ukraine.

It comes as…

Sixteen children have so far died in the brutal war, Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko said on Sunday – but the number is expected to continue to rise.

It comes after 10-year-old schoolgirl Polina was shot dead alongside her parents when their car was attacked by Russian saboteurs in Kyiv.

Her brother Semyon, 10, remains in critical condition in the hospital unaware that his family were assassinated by troops.

A heartbreaking photo that captures the painful aftermath of the Russian invasion shows Semyon lying on a hospital bed on a ventilator.

A grief-stricken relative can be seen sitting next to the bed holding the hand of the youngster, who is a huge Harry Potter fan.

Semyon’s older sister Sofia reportedly also remains in critical condition.


Other young victims of the bloodshed include a six-year-old girl wearing unicorn pyjamas, who died after an airstrike in Mariupol.

Another young girl, seven-year-old Alisa Hlans, died in the city of Okhtyrka, after her nursery was bombed last week, BBC reported.

And a young boy was horrifically killed after Putin’s forces blitzed an apartment block in Chuhuiv in Kharkiv.

Local media reported another child was killed and two were wounded in a blast that hit the National Children’s Specialized Hospital Okhmatdyt.

Dr Andrey Vysotskyi told Sky News, a 10-year-old boy who was rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds died en route.

He said he was “in the ambulance and also the ambulance was under gunfire.” 


Boris Johnson today accused “evil” Putin of slaughtering innocent Ukrainian kids with “barbaric and indiscriminate” assaults.

The pained PM said the “tragedy” western leaders had predicted was even worse than feared – and warned the murderous Kremlin tyrant will go even further.

Despite international calls for Putin to “withdraw his war machine”, Russia instead amped up its offensive and attacked the Babyn Yar memorial – killing at least five people.

Missiles rained down on Kyiv, hitting the Holocaust memorial and the biggest TV mast in the Ukrainian capital – sparking outrage.

Putin’s defence ministry chillingly warned targets in the centre of Ukraine’s capital will be hit with “high precision weapons”.

On Tuesday, a 40-mile column of Russian armour and artillery was pictured on the outskirts of Kyiv with fears looming of an even heavier onslaught after six days of war.

Russian forces are believed to be aiming to seize the capital and topple the government led by President Volodymyr Zelensky.


Putin’s Ukraine bloodbath had claimed the lives of at least 16 kids[/caption]


Semyon remains in critical condition after his sister Polina and parents were killed[/caption]


A grieving mum, covered in blood and holding a pink scarf, waits outside an ambulance[/caption]

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