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All the Details You Need to Know About Brooke and Darvid’s Rings on The Bachelorette


Last night (Nov. 25) The Bachelorette ended its history-making finale, with Brooke choosing Darvid as her one and only. The emotional moment, where the two declared their feelings for one another was complete with a ring exchange.

For the first time ever, Larsen Jewellery created the stunning piece of jewellery for The Bachelorette, and what’s even better, is both rings were sustainably sourced. 

Working with the team at Larsen Jewellery, Brooke and Darvid collaborated with the brand to design timeless rings which were also 100% carbon neutral. They chose to go with the made-to-order Amore and Mokume rings, which are guaranteed to never go out of style.

“The Amore ring that Darvid gifted Brooke is a stunning 0.71ct diamond ring with an 18ct white gold band. The beaming four claw solitaire is adorned by a row of six round brilliant cut diamonds on each of its shoulders,” explains Christopher Larkins, Sydney Studio Manager at Larsen Jewellery. “It is an absolutely classic piece, beautiful and elegant. The centre diamond is accentuated, really bringing out the light and the sparkle.”

“Meanwhile, the Mokume ring Brooke selected for Darvid is a curved 18ct white gold band, crafted using the ancient Japanese technique of metalworking called Mokume Gane. In this technique, silver and gold alloys are carefully worked together and amalgamated to produce an organic blend of unique patterns and designs,” adds Christopher.

Each ring took about six weeks to make, which is a testament to the incredible quality and the attention to detail that went into its creation.

“Larsen Jewellery has worked with The Bachelor over the last five consecutive years, so there was no better season to kick off our first year with The Bachelorette than with the inspirational Brooke Blurton,” says Lars Larsen, Founder of Larsen Jewellery.

“Sustainability is at the crux of the Larsen Jewellery brand. We are a 100% carbon neutral business and we put a conscious effort into having our values be reflected in our supply chain so each element of the ring from the metal to the diamond has been sourced with the highest ethical standards. This is reflected in both the Amore and Mokume.” 

Larsen Jewellery specialises in custom-made wedding rings, engagement rings and other fine jewellery.

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