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7 Australian beauty writers on their favourite products right now, and the trends to look out for in 2022


The world of beauty is ever-evolving, from new patented formulas to celebrities creating their own brands, there’s something enticing launching every week right now. And while I love to peruse the ‘what’s new’ section of Mecca’s website, I tend to lean on the experts for what really needs to be added to my cart.

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So, to offer a helping hand, I asked seven Australian beauty experts to share the products they’re loving right now and what the next best thing will be in beauty for 2022.

Emily Algar, freelance writer, editor and content creator

Over Sydney’s lockdown, I actually got very into body care – like a multi-step routine – so I have been testing out a few products in that category. The Necessaire Body Serum is amazing, it’s so lightweight and quickly absorbed. I add a body oil on top to lock in moisture. Costa Brazil is my all-time favourite, but I also love Arithmos, a brand that’s handmade in Melbourne. Doing this two-step process has made a world of difference to my body skin – it’s so soft. I scrub nightly with one of those Goshi towels too, you can find them on eBay.

Another tip from me is to use any face serums you don’t love on your body. I mix them into my oils and it feels less wasteful. As far as new trends go, it’s really difficult to say. I think haircare is an exciting category – there are so many chic brands popping up that treat it as more of a ritual than a routine (I’m obsessed with Crown Affair and Ceremonia).

I also feel like tools are going to keep getting better and better – basically anything that promises great results at home. Hoping fun makeup has a moment too, given we’re slowly coming out of the pandemic and are sick to death of tinted moisturiser and brow gel.


Rose Garnett, beauty writer at Gritty Pretty

During lockdown, I definitely simplified my skincare routine a lot as my skin barrier was disrupted from all the mask-wearing and I’ve found I can’t live without my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum. It’s a cult-favourite for a reason, leaving my skin radiant, plump and hydrated all night (and day) long.

I have also been loving the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. Containing hyaluronic acid for hydration, rosehip oil to nourish and moisturise the skin and vitamins C and E to brighten the skin, it’s also a great all-round moisturiser and the perfect base for underneath your makeup.

A trend I think will be huge next year is the reimagining of colour in makeup. I think we’ve seen a bit of it this year with bright eyeliner and eye makeup but I think next year we will take it to a new level. Think purple blush, orange highlighter and blurred, bold lips. Now that we’re out and about again, I think a reinspired take on colourful makeup is well overdue (and on its way).


Sarah Tarca, co-founder of Gloss Etc

As a proper beauty nerd, innovation and technology get me very excited, so LED facemasks have been a game-changer this year. I have the Omnilux Contour and it’s no joke (market leaders, FDA approved, backed by clinical studies – all the good stuff) and gives excellent bouncy, clear, even skin.

On a fluffier front, I’m heavily into skin tints at the moment. These serum-based hybrids mix skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid with lightweight colour for dewy (not greasy) coverage that just feels delightful on the face. I’m all about the Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint, but am (extremely impatiently) holding my breath for the Ultra Violette iteration coming to faces soon.

As for what’s next I just can’t wait to play with colour again – bye skinimalism! It’s totally a by-product of the COVID effect, having had to cover up our faces for so long. Blush is having a huge moment too with so many new formulations coming out, plus I can’t wait for all the bold lips, strong eye colours and quirky nail shades. Look out for green coming in strong on that front and nail stickers too (obsessed with Flowerbed’s range).


Aimee Bruce, beauty writer at Are Media

The past 18 months has definitely given me time to take care of my skin and get it to a clear, healthy state so right now I have been enjoying wearing little to no makeup. On the days I need a little something I have a few favourites I’ll always use; the Bite Beauty Daycation Blush in Melon Mojito on my cheeks and lids, a touch of Milk Makeup Sunshine Under Eye Tint under my eyes, a lick of Mecca Max Whip Lash Mascara, Benefit 24hr Brow Setter Gel on my brows and I condition my lips with Biologi Lip Serum.

When it comes to skin, I’ve tried a lot, but a few go-to products are; Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment, La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Serum, CeraVe Foaming Cleanser and Ultra Violette Supreme Screen SPF 50+ Skinscreen always!

As for what’s going to be big in beauty next year, I think makeup will come back into the spotlight again. Bold lips, fun eye looks and glossy skin will have its day again after its hiatus during lockdown. Nostalgic trends like skinny brows and neon nails will be tried and tested, especially amongst Gen Z. The ’70s blowout will continue to be a hit with more curtain bangs, and hot brush sales.

And as for skin, body care will continue to be on the rise, with more innovative, multi-tasking products becoming available. As for our face, I think it’s less about ‘anti-ageing’ and more about keeping what you’ve got healthy and glowing.


Jacinda Fermanis, senior strategist and influencer

One of my favourite things right now is my Trophy Skin RejuvaliteMD, which I use daily for 15 minutes either first thing in the morning while I listen to a podcast or right before bed while I’ll listen to my Headspace app. I’ve got a bit of skin damage from growing up in the sun, and the LED has taken away a lot of my pigmentation.

As for next year, while Lolita style beautification filters once reigned supreme, people are now challenging infantilised beauty by demanding a wider definition of beauty from media, particularly with the rise of pro-ageing.

In a post-COVID-19 world, it makes sense that signs are pointing towards embracing ageing. Extended periods of quarantine, isolation and lockdowns raised an important discourse on the selves we present when in public view of others, and those that are left backstage – who we are when unobserved.


Grace Miller, content creator and influencer

My favourite beauty goodie at the moment is actually a beauty tool – the Foreo UFO 2. Hands-down my favourite tech item in my collection, the Foreo UFO 2 is an LED tool that has both heating and cooling settings, and it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and juicy.

In terms of products, I’m loving an effortless look, so I’m always reaching for Ultra Violette’s Queen Screen Luminising Sun Serum for a glowy base, plus it provides SPF protection. Mecca Max’s Brow Guru Super Soap is another essential in my stash. Fluffy soap brows are a huge trend at the moment, and I love this product to set my brows in place for the entire day with no budge.

With the world of skincare growing more and more, I think home peels and treatments will continue to be a popular choice into next year. Brands like Foreo and Dr Dennis Gross already have incredible at-home products, so no doubt we will see some amazing, new tech tools in 2022.


Bianca Wong, influencer

I’ve been loving my Foreo Bear Mini – I’m actually obsessed! There’s something about the tightening feeling you get straight after using it, and I’ve loved it with my favourite water-based serum to sync with the micro currents.

I really think skin minimalism and self-care is something we will all be working towards and focusing on next year. When we feel better and more confident it radiates and project onto others.


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