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4 Surprising Features to Consider When Buying Sunglasses


Sunglasses are essential not only for fashion but also to protect your eyes. Scientists have proven that sunglasses can protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays (UV) and ultraviolet B rays (UVB). These rays are dangerous as they can cause eye problems ranging from cataracts, macular degeneration to skin cancer around your eyes. These devices also protect your eyes from wind and dust that can cause pterygium. However, you need a good pair of sunglasses to get protection from these conditions. And, the secret lies in the features. When buying sunglasses, it would help to consider the following features:

Ultraviolet protection

Since the main reason for buying sunglasses is to protect your eyes from UV rays, you should check the type of protection on the label. The trusted sunglasses brands that sell in stores, such as Just Sunnies, label the glasses to help you choose the best for you. The labels are 100% UV protection or UV filter category UV 400. The sunglasses labeled UV 400 have lenses that block light rays at 400 nanometres wavelength. These sunglasses protect you from both UVB and UV rays. 100% UV also offers protection by blocking the UV rays. It’s essential to check this feature for safety.

Lense coating 

Besides UV protection, you should also consider the lens coating and color. Coatings like polarized, anti-reflective, and gradient will enhance safety. Polarized lenses are becoming popular since manufacturers equip them with filters that allow vertically-oriented light but block the horizontally-oriented one. In return, it reduces glare, improves visual clarity, and enhances contrast, making the glasses comfortable. Other coatings such as polycarbonate make the glasses scratch-resistant. This coating will ensure that the sunglasses are safe from scratches and brokerage if you lead an active life. Additionally, it’s best to consider lenses with an anti-fog coating. Optifog lenses will protect you from accidents since your vision won’t be limited even when it’s foggy.


Buying glasses that don’t fit well beats the logic. The size affects the protection you will get from the glasses. It will help if you get appropriately fitting glasses. Also, consider the lens size. You should get large ones that are wraparound also to protect you from the sides. Check the lens diameter, bridge width, and side length to choose the right fit easily. However, note that the only way to ensure the glasses fit well is by trying them before buying. If you are buying online, you should carefully go through the dimensions.

Frame type

Your sunglasses are as good as the frame they come in. Your glasses will be durable and of high quality, if the frame is good. You will find glasses with different frames when shopping in stores like Just Sunnies. Some of the frames you will get include plastic, wood, and metal. The type you go for will largely depend on your lifestyle. It would be best to choose a light frame if you are active. However, note that good frames can withstand impact and corrosion.


Sunglasses offer protection from UV and UVB rays besides fashion functions. However, the glasses can only serve you well if they have the features you have read in this article. It would be unfortunate to spend your money on getting glasses that don’t fit the purpose. Make a point of using this guide when buying sunglasses.

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