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3 Ways to Embrace Your Body Type In 2022


Finally, we are really seeing times change and more clothing brands are becoming inclusive of all body types. This is great for people who have struggled with their body image in the past and have felt left out of fashion trends as a result of this. In 2022, we are leaving behind negative messages about body images and moving forward to including everyone, no matter their shape or size. Here are a couple of great ways for you to embrace your body type in 2022. 

Choose Clothing That Really Complements Your Body 

Firstly, you should buy clothing that really complements your body. To be more sustainable, we should all look to buy less clothes, but focus on getting higher quality clothes that fit us really well and will last longer. This is a much better alternative to getting poor quality fast fashion clothes which will not last well over time. Why not check out this great plus size women’s clothing UK for some amazing staple pieces for your wardrobe, which you can wear each year without them going out of fashion? You should work out what your body type is, whether it is hourglass shaped, pear, apple, or whatever else, and try and go for clothing items which really flatter it.

Surround Yourself with Good Friends 

Surrounding yourself with good, supportive friends is one of the easiest and best ways to accept yourself for who you are. Good, true friends will never make you feel rubbish about your appearance and will lift you up rather than dragging you down. Friendship should never be about competition or trying to one-up each other, rather it should appreciate the ways we are different and how this can bring us together. Make sure to always look out for your friends and be supportive wherever you can. 

Take a Break from Social Media

Social media can be really toxic in making us think we have to look a certain way. If you find yourself getting disheartened after looking at countless Instagram influencers who all look a certain way, why not try taking a break from your social media? It is good for all of us to have a cleanse once in a while, especially if you think it is having negative effects on your mental health. Alternatively, you should unfollow people on social media who don’t make you feel good about yourself. Once you get rid of any negativity surrounding you, you can focus on yourself and bringing positivity to your life! 

Life is too short to worry about what we look like too much and dwell on it. Your personality and your morals are much more important than your appearance and this is what people will appreciate you for. Learn to love yourself – as long as you are happy and healthy, it doesn’t matter whether you conform to the perfect body image or not. Remember that certain body types which are in trend currently might not always be, so don’t get too hung up over this! 

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