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14 Australian brands offering in-house repairs


There’s no denying that the global fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to the climate crisis. In fact, textile production is responsible for 10 per cent of the world’s carbon emissions each year – more than that produced by international flights and maritime shipping (!!).

With fast fashion redefining the trend cycle and dramatically accelerating our consumption levels, we’re buying more than ever before. The more we demand, the more they supply, and the more we waste.

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According to the United Nations, a single pair of jeans requires somewhere between 10,000 litres of water to produce, or a decade worth of drinking water for one human. So not only is it about opting for ethically conscious brands over those who are not, it’s a matter of buying less, period.

That’s where the concept of a circular economy comes into play. According to Good On You, a circular economy (as it relates to fashion) is defined as a system where “the production of an item and the end of its life are equally as important”, and this is achieved through repairing, recycling, and upcycling.

While there are countless brands slapping #sustainable branding on a collection and calling it a day (ahem, greenwashing), an impressive selection of Australian labels are doing what they can to practise circularity and expand the lifespan of your garments. Here are our favourites.


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A pioneer of Australian circular fashion, Melbourne label Arnsdorf has made (sustainable) waves in the fashion industry. To complement its clothing rental service and non-traditional business model (a core collection supplemented with small seasonal drops), the slow fashion label also offers lifetime repairs on its already timeless garments. Arnsdorf also provides complimentary alteration services at the Melbourne store.


Madre Natura

With an aesthetic that feels like you’re taking a breath of fresh air, Madre Natura’s mission is to promote ethical consumption and the curation of an enduring wardrobe. Free mending is offered for the lifetime of each purchase, and once you decide your time with an item is over, you can send it back and receive a gift in exchange.



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Sydney resort wear label Commas offers a five-year repair warranty on its swimwear. From unravelled stitching and broken zippers to fading colour, the warranty covers a range of faults. And if your Commas swimwear is no longer in use after five years, you can return it to the label where they will use it for development, research and recycling, eliminating the possibility of it ending up in landfill. Plus, you get a $20 credit towards your news Commas swimwear purchase.


Nobody Denim

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Australian favourite Nobody Denim is all about minimising waste across the supply chain and extending the life cycle of each of its garments. Its repair program is part of its multifaceted approach to changing the fashion industry for the better, by offering its customers free repairs on their jeans within the first year of purchase.


Jillian Boustred

This eponymous Australian brand repairs any of its garments free of charge within the first year of purchase to ensure its multi-seasonal pieces are able to last the distance. After the first year, the Sydney-based brand can mend your purchases for a small fee.



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There’s no denying that circular fashion label A.BCH is committed to minimising its impact on the earth. Along with running its own recycling program, the Naarm-based label operates a Care, Repair, Wear program. You can attend an in-person workshop to mend garments DIY style, or you can simply mail or drop off your weathered piece and take advantage of the label’s free-for-life repairs.



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Melbourne label Kalaurie offers a variety of mending services on its handcrafted collections. This includes, but is not limited to, resewing buttons or fastenings, re-hemming, and patching holes. Depending on the complexity of the repairs, its services may cost a small fee.



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In collaboration with aftercare company The Restory, Farfetch conducts a Farfetch Fix initiative to give your shoes, bags and small leather goods another life. You simply need to schedule a collection via its website (the service is available worldwide) and you will receive a quote once your item has reached The Restory’s atelier.


Post Sole Studio

Unisex footwear label Post Sole Studio is committed to extending the life cycle of its shoes through its very own repairs services. Using original materials, the Melbourne-based label revives the insoles, soles, straps and heels of its timeless boots and sandals. The cost will vary depending on what you need to be fixed, and if it’s a particularly complex repair you’ll need to email through photos of your shoe so the label can provide you with a quote.


E Nolan

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Made-to-measure suiting label E Nolan offers alterations and repairs for a small fee. To top it off, any repairs required on its signature ‘after dinner split’ detail on the waistband of its pants (a detail that allows for more flexibility and movement but can come apart with regular wear) are conducted free of charge.


Permanent Vacation

The philosophy of Melbourne label Permanent Vacation has always been to build a timeless brand that minimises its impact on the earth. So it’s only natural that the label collaborates with its local makers in Collingwood to repair any wear and tear you may experience.



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This sibling-owned Melbourne label offers to repair any faults or issues internally. If you’ve got an Alpha 60 garment in need of sprucing up, you can contact the label with proof of purchase, the purchase date, images of the issue and your name and contact number. While repairing an item is always the label’s first choice, if necessary it will exchange or replace it for you.


Nudie Jeans

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While this is technically not an Australian brand, we couldn’t help but include Nudie Jeans – even the UN acknowledges the Swedish label as a global leader in circular fashion. Every pair of Nudie Jeans comes with the promise of free repairs, regardless of when or where you purchased them. Simply head to one of its repair shops in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia or Queensland to get your pair fixed up.



This ever-popular outdoor clothing brand deserves a special mention. While Patagonia’s online site provides a plethora of information on DIY repairs, its Worn Wear Repair Hub, where it repairs and alters your Patagonia garments free of charge, is what sets the label apart. Garments from other brands are also accepted for a small fee.


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