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10 Australian creatives share the party season outfit they’re looking forward to wearing


Here at Fashion Journal, we love getting a glimpse inside the wardrobes of people we admire. And one of the best parts of my job is being able to share these glimpses with you, our readers.

After two years of practically no dressing up, the fact that a hot vaxxed party season is fast approaching is exceptionally exciting, especially in the wardrobe department.

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Curious to know what standout items people will be reaching for over the next few weeks, I asked 10 Australian creatives to share the outfits they’ve been saving up.

Krystal Deans, fashion designer

“You should make a mini dress version of the Panel Tank,” are the wise words from a dear friend that manifested what is now the party dress I never knew I needed in my life. I’ve got to give it to the incredible, body sculpting fabric for making me love this piece, and even though I’m usually a Crocs and socks kinda gal I am dreaming of my first party invite so I can whip this puppy out. Until then, (being a surf coast-based human) my local pub will have to do.


Catherine Huang, web developer and creative strategist

It’s so nice that the party season is upon us, and I get to wear my collection of tiny little dresses again. This one is a Jacquemus halter I watched obsessively online during lockdown until it was finally reduced to 60 per cent off. If you hadn’t heard, I’ve declared it a sexy mule summer, and I can’t wait to clomp around in these Acne mules all summer long.

The bag, as all good bags tend to be, is from the op shop. Party season for me is all about celebrating life with the ones I love, and this silly little outfit will finally be getting a spin at Gimlet as I wine and dine one of my dearest friends to celebrate getting through yet another atrocious year.


Joely Malcolm, content creator

I made this outfit during lockdown and am still waiting on the perfect time to wear it! With the city opening up, I think now is the perfect time to add a bit of sparkle to your going out ’fits, and this is the perfect example IMO.

The House of CB corset and Asos boots are core items in my wardrobe which I wear for all occasions, but adding the Dyspnea skirt and shrug and the mushroom hat from Depop made it so fun and ready for a night on the town! I plan on wearing this on a night out with the girls where we dance until we can’t feel our feet anymore, which in these shoes may take a while!


Milo Hartill, content creator and model

I got this pair of overalls during lockdown and shot it out the back area of my house for some at home content for the label Lucy and Yak! I am VERY excited to wear it to a festival this hot vaxxed summer, to avoid the dreaded festival chaffing. I absolutely adore wearing bright colours and rainbow vibes as I feel this reps my energy and my queer little self! In short, party time fit!


Katherine Rose, stylist and photographer

My party season outfit is a boujie and colourful one centred around my favourite local designers and current obsession with pink. I got these Balenciaga satin knife mules second hand off Depop (amen) and wanted to build an outfit around them for their first wear. They go perfectly with this custom Peiyi elastic choker and Emily Watson soirée top.

I really like to show skin in interesting, and sometimes confusing ways, and I love the cut out that is created from layering these Salt Murphy pants over the Maroske velour geotard. I’m planning to wear this out to eat pasta and carry on the night at a cute bar.


Juliette d’Udekem d’Acoz, model

I’m so excited to pull out my summer clothes again (La Niña permitting), and this outfit sparked a lot of joy. The Lee Mathews bias skirt is one of their classics, and makes me feel fancy always. I’ve been into (trying to) add colour, so I’ve paired it with the Permanent Vacation Ritual cardi and a tiny beaded bag I found at an op shop.

I wear my Marni Fussbetts to the ground when it’s not raining and cold, so I’m so excited to pull them out this festive season as well. I’ll be wearing this look on repeat at all the birthdays and Christmas events coming up (so! many!), provided all I need to bring fits into the bag.


Zeïna Thiboult, artist and model

What’s not to love about a ’90s wedding dress? I got this beautiful piece in an op shop when they just started reopening after lockdown in early November and it’s been on display in my lounge room ever since. Growing up, I always wanted to have a ‘fancy’ birthday party – you know the kind in the movies with an oversized cake, lots of friends, a pony and heaps of presents. But sadly, coming from a family of artists in a small apartment without any money… this was not my reality.

So now that I’m a grown-up, I’ve decided to throw myself my childhood-dream ‘fancy’ birthday party. I want to wear a tiara, a ’90s wedding dress, invite all my friends and rent out a special location… or in short, I want to be a princess. I’m super excited to party in this dress and to see the photos of the night when I’m old and respect my younger self.


Victoria Kokkolis, content creator

I often struggle to find creativity in layering, as it’s so much easier to embrace the simplicity of an outfit. With this curation, I did not feel that! I was so happy to include different textiles and pieces to go along with a water theme, with attention to detail in the accessories and colours. While my style has been phasing out the bright colours of the Y2K-esque trend, I still like to dabble in playful pieces that add to an outfit while incorporating my new interest in subversive fashion and light colours which is perfect for any occasion.

I’m always shifting my fashion favourites but my priorities lie with clothing that makes me feel feminine and sexy and definitely party-worthy. A healthy balance of sustainable clothing has really surfaced – it’s important, and I feel I have really nailed it with this outfit.


Ruby Kannava, founder of Kannava Jewels and co-founder of Blazed Wax

I’ve been waiting two years to wear this cute vintage black strapless dress! I got it tailored to fit me perfectly just before COVID hit and now I finally get to take it out on the town!

It’s very simple so I’m going to wear it with this amazing vintage gold butterfly belt (big into chain belts this season – watch this Kannava Jewels space) heaps of gold necklaces, earrings, rings etc and always my sneakers because I’m big into comfort post-pandemic life. Feeling this outfit for the festive season getting around town because it’s comfy and cute, the dress fits like a dream, and I love my jewels and accessories to be the star of the show.


Carmen Azzopardi, content creator

I am quite literally dying for an opportunity to wear my Beasha Studios Babydoll Mini Dress since receiving it about three weeks ago. I’m not usually one for babydoll, princess-y style fits but oh my god!! Describing my affinity for this dress as ‘love at first sight’ would be doing it a terrible disservice. It’s the perfect amount of tulle, ruffle, shirring and bell sleeve.

Plus, all Beasha styles are made-to-order and the designer often uses off-cuts and leftover fabrics for production so it’s even better knowing that the pieces are all made with love, sustainably. I’m officially using this as a PSA to all my friends and friends of friends (etc), someone please have a dinner party/fancy soiree ASAP because I NEED to wear this dress!!!


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